Free Elementary Handwriting Sheets

I’ve had a hard time finding good, free handwriting sheets for my son to practice his handwriting on that doesn’t involve clicking through a bunch of links or viewing a ton of ads. So I made my own and sharing it with you here, in case you need to print some for your little ones for this stay-at-home school time. There are little characters at the bottom of each page to make it a little fun!

2016 Wall Calendar

Back for a second year, Kabahead Kreations’ Wall Calendars! After informally polling several people, I went with the Asian food theme for the calendar again. Buy it now as a gift or for your home/office. Limited quantity available!



I’m pretty sure the #1 “Chinese” take out food item in America is orange chicken. In fact, after I designed this character, I started seeing several billboards from Panda Express advertising their original orange chicken.


The above design came from I thought I had one day after eating some Chinese food at Paul’s Kitchen in LA. Always getting a good kick out of fortune cookie sayings, I thought it would be funny to depict the cookies themselves having conversations with each other via their fortune strips. I had thrown around the idea of having words on the strip, but generally I like designing characters/scenes where words aren’t necessary. Hence, the heart ❤


This sushi boat design was my husband’s idea and if you ask him, he’ll tell you how proud he is for coming up with such a genius idea. I came up with the ikura skull & crossbones though. 🙂